Ken Knowlton

  2006 25th Wedding Anniversary.
  2001 A speaker at first National conf. of Society of American Mosaic Artists.
  199x Trips to Italy, France, Greece, Spain.
  2001 Gala 70th Birthday party.
  2000 Invited speaker, Conf. on Art & Tech, Savannah School of Art and Design.
  1998 Appeared on BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, program on "patterns."
  1996 Co-founder of Netwave/QuickBuy Inc.: safer Internet browsing/Internet commerce.
  1992 Mother dies at 92.
  1986 Four hours of Lecture, "El Estado de Graficado por Computadora," Buenos Aires.
  1984 Father dies at 86.
  1984 TV interview re. domino mosaic portraits, Jan Yanehiro on "Evening Magazine."
  1981 Married Barbara Bean.
  1981 Distinguished Visiting Professor, New Mexico State U. Las Cruses, NM.
  1981 Divorced.
  1979 Year's Honorary Life Member, Computer Arts Society, based in London.
  1977 Family Separated.
  1976 Keynote speaker at Second Biennial Conf. on Computing, Univ. of Indiana.
  1975-77 An ACM National lecturer on computer graphics.
  1972-82 Member of National Committee for Electrical Engineering Films.
  1971-75 With L. Schwartz: numerous awards for many collaboratively made art films.
  1971-72 Visiting Lecturer on Computer Graphics, Dept. of Computer Science, UCSC.
  1970-75 Workshops on BEFLIX & EXPLOR: El Paso, E. Mich U., Syracuse, U of Minn, CUNY.
  1967 Talk "BEFLIX Techniques," Conf. on Computer Animation, Ed. Development Ctr, Newton MA.
  1966-72 Member of the Board of the American Science Film Association
  1965 Talk "Computer-Produced Movies," Columbia Engineering Centennial Symposium, NYC .
  1964 Invited speaker at Columbia U. Centennial of its Krumb School of Mines.
  1952-62 Education Chmn, other work of Soc. for Social Responsibility in Science.
  1957-64 born, born, adopted, adopted, born: Kenneth, Richard, Melinda, Suzanne, David
  1955 Polio, while working with American Friends Service Committee in Mexico.
  1951, 61 Two other summers spent with the AFSC in Mexico and/or El Salvador.
  1954 Married Roberta Behrens.
  1950 President of Algonquin Lodge, a co-operative fraternity, at Cornell U.
  1949-52 Chimes Staff at Cornell University, Chimesmaster in 1952.
  1948 Honorable Mention, Westinghouse/Science Clubs of America Science Talent Search.
  1948 Valedictorian of high school class.
  1937-42 One-room country school for grades 1-6.
  1934-36 Siblings born: Frederick and Marie.
  1931 Born at family farm, western New York State.