Ken Knowlton



Method of Identifying Conductors in a Cable by Establishing Conductor Connection Groupings at Both Ends of a Cable. 3,369,177 (w. R.Graham)

Program Controlled System for Processing Spatially Distributed Information. 3,609,670. BEFLIX movie language plus hardware implementation.

Pattern Recognition Board Game Structure. 3,753,562. Playing board for pattern-recognition game with simple rules but deep strategy.

Interactive Input-Output Computer Terminal with Automatic Relabeling of Keyboard. 3,879,722. The lightbutton/pushbututon Knowlton console.

Method and Apparatus for Using Pushbutton Telephone Keys for Generation of Alpha-Numeric Information. 3,967,273. speeds of 20 words per min.

Circuits having Substantially Parabolic Output vs. Linear Input Characteristics. 4,190,896. Scale expands in the region of recent hunting.

High Resolution Display. 4,198,158. A high-resolution picture made by a set of four optically interlaced displays of mask-trimmed spots.

Progressive Image Transmission. 4,261,018. For tele-browsing through B/W picture database: coarse information first, lossless when complete.

Representation of Designs. 4,398,890. Processes for making pictures out of tiles with a multiplicity of patterns, particularly dominoes.

Computer Apparatus for Brush Styled Writing. 5,155,813 (with Karen Donoghue) Real time interactive means for brush or pen calligraphy.

Method for Black and White Image Reduction Based upon averaging Black/White Pixel Counts of Neighboring Blocks. 5,161,213. B/W thumbnails.

Computer Apparatus and Method for Graphical Flip Book. 5,283,864. Large book of miniature-image pages, with interactively managed tabs.

Method for Color Image Reduction Based Upon Determination of Color Components of Pixels in Neighboring Blocks. 5,355,447. Color thumbnails

Image Undithering Apparatus and Method. 5,754,707. Determination of regions to undither, for moire-free re-scaling and re-dithering.

Character Recognition System for Identification of Scanned and Real Time Handwritten Characters. 5,970,170 (with Kadashevich, Harvey & Jourjine)

Display Layout Generator for Graphical Representations. 6,057,842. A bin-packing heuristic for variously-shaped integer-dimensioned objects.

Method for Reducing the Size of an Image. 6,157,389. Shrinking an Image with No Loss of Detail, by Removal of Swaths of Background Area.

Data Retrieval, Manipulation & Transmission with Facsimile Images. 6,167,439. Wang's Freestyle(TM) product in FAX-related processes (with Levine et al.)

Mechanism for the Capture of Graphical Representations. 6,181,838. Automatic means of processing an image and selecting a visually strong part as its icon.

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