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Ken Knowlton says that he's "been there, done that": he has been a farmhand, student, teacher, advisor, speaker, reader, mathematician, physicist, electron microscopist, computer scientist, chimes player, mountain climber, researcher, inventor, author, artist, critic, son, sibling, father, husband, grandfather, peace and civil rights activist, agnostic, retiree, liberal, cynic and realistic pessimist.

Retired from scientific/technical agitation, he is trying to spend the final quarter of his life doing no harm: writing essays and memoirs, and using his own computer-assisted methods for planning his artwork, most of which are mosaic portraits.





Nine Prizes for Seashell and Other Mosaics 1992 -
Seashell mosaics in 24 other juried shows 1993 -
Other artwork displayed in 28 additional juried shows 1968-2002
Artwork used for 10 magazines and book covers 1966 -


Papers & Talks written/given, memberships

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Scientist," YLEM Journal, Jan/Feb 2005
"On Frustrations of Collaborating with Artists," Computer Graphics 35, Aug 2001
"Why It Isn't Art Yet," invited commentary, SIGGRAPH Artshow Catalog, 1986
30 U.S. patents on computer graphic hardware & software (20 as sole inventor)
150+ Talks on computer graphics & computer art at universities and companies
Five workshops on computer assisted art at universities 1970 -
Computer Assisted Mosaic Tessellations, invited, Soc Amer Mosaic Artists 2001
El Estado de Graficado por Computadora, 4 hours, Buenos Aires, 1986
Member of YLEM, Art & Science Collab. Inc., and Soc. of American Mosaic Artists


Book Chapters on Knowlton's Artwork


Seckel, Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion, Ch 11 Sterling NY 2004
Russett & Starr, Experimental Animation, Chap 8, Van Nostrand, NY, 1976
Ruth Leavitt, Artist and Computer, Ken Knowlton pp 65-69 Harmony Books NY 1976
Also: artwork & commentary in 20 other books and 100 magazines & newspapers



B. of Engineering Physics, Cornell U., 1953. Res. Asst. in Electron microscopy.
M. S. Engineering Physics, Cornell U., 1955. Physics, Math, Biology
     Thesis: X-Ray Microscopy with a Modified RCA Electron Microscope
Ph.D. Communications Sciences, M.I.T., 1962. E.E., Computer Science
     Thesis: Sentence Parsing with a Self-Organizing Heuristic Program



Computer Techniques Research Dept, Bell Labs 1962 -
Visiting Professor of Computer Graphics, Univ. California Santa Cruz, 1971
Distinguished Visiting Professor, New Mexico State University, 1980
SRI, Via Video, Dec Systems Research Ctr, Wang Labs, Netwave/QuickBuy 1982 -

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