Ken Knowlton

  NETWAVE/QUICKBUY, 1996-2000.
Research and Development of tools for Internet browsing and electronic commerce. Six U.S. patents. Co-developed:

  "Visual Link Object," for point and click on image to visit web site

Automatic identification and cutout of strong-image part of web page

Various Screen-savers involving choreography of Visual Link Objects

Automatic tiling of images of various sizes and aspect ratios

Software Engineering Architect, 10 U.S. Patents, Developed, coded, perfected techniques for compression, storage, retrieval, manipulation, editing and browsing among document page images, including:

  Automatic partitioning of images into line art and photograph

An editor with 100 pages on screen in various degrees of compression

With Karen Donoghue, interactive real-time tools for pen- and brush-style calligraphy, using a stylus with force-on-table readout controlling footprint size for footprint of brush (for Eastern) vs. pen (for Western) style writing.


A means of integrating scanned image objects with annotations

Means of browsing through and annotating books of miniature pages

  DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Systems Research Center, 1986-1987.

  A library of tools and methods for a new high-res color graphics board


NETWORKED PICTURE SYS. & VIA VIDEO (Illustration graphics suppliers) 1983-1986

  A Method for the lossless progressive transmission of color pictures

A means for enlarging color images, with automatic edge straightening

Variety of paint-system tools for interactive art/design


SRI INTERNATIONAL, Computing Research Division, 1982-1983.


Preliminary design of a system for modeling of hierarchically-structured environments

Twelve invention disclosures with regard to various machines/methods



BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES, Computer Techniques Research Dept, 1962-1982.
10 U.S. Patents, dozens of published papers. Developed a wide variety of methods and demonstrations for computer graphics and interactive techniques, including:

  New graphics programming languages BEFLIX, EXPLOR, ATOMS, SPHERES

The Bell Telephone Laboratories' Low-Level Linked List Language L-6

Numerous means for rendering greyscale images on binary output devices


Virtual pushbutton console: keys & lightbuttons optically superimposed

The fast storage allocator later known as the "buddy" system

Patterns on Interlaced Display for eye-tracking-dependent ambiguous motion.

With G. Gilmer et al: movie depiction of simulations of crystal growth

Means for progressive transmission of greyscale and B/W images

Description of an ever-accelerating or -decelerating fractal rhythm (1976)

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